Mental Training

Practice makes excellence, and success on it!

In this way, mental training and mental techniques can help to improve performance and well-being, and make personal change happen.

Mental training can also help to reduce, prevent, and cope better with stress and pressure.

Likewise, mental training can enhance and sustain the benefits of physical training, whether you are a professional athlete or performer, or an amateur.

More specifically, training your mind regularly can help you create and sustain new habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Rather than falling back into old, undesirable habits.

What is Mental Training About

Mental training is a part of performance-enhancing pscyhology (PEP), and both are implicit in our coaching programs and courses.

Besides, mental training elements are implicit in meditation and mindfulness practises.

Mental training revolve around the connections and synergies between mind and body. Accordingly, mental training includes both mental, emotional, language and body techniques.

Among the most popular and broadly applicable techniques are visualization, reframing, breathing exercises, body postures, and facial expressions.

How Can Mental Training Benefit you

For example, you and your team can use mental training to:

  • Set effective goals and enhance your performance.
  • Become and stay motivated to reach your goals – despite obstacles and setbacks.
  • Create new habits and make them stick – and avoid faling back into old hahits and routines.
  • Prevent and cope well with pressures and stresses of everyday life.
  • Enhance your presence of mind and inner peace, when you want and need to.
  • Stay calm and focused when under performance and work pressure.
  • Prevent and handle distractions and sharpen your focus to get things done.
  • Stop a panic attack when you’re having one, or when you feel one coming on.
  • Increase your overall mental, emotional, and social well-being.

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