High Performance Practitioner

Strengthen the way you communicate, cooperate, and lead yourself and others – through performance-enhancing psychology.

Do you want to learn how to strengthen and develop the way you communicate, cooperate, and lead yourself and others. Based on human understanding and personal insight?

Then, this 12 day course may be just the right choice for you!

It is an intensive, practically and business oriented course which runs over 12 days and 4 modules. There will be no more than 15 participants to ensure optimal output for everyone.

As human beings, we have many similar needs and challenges. That also applies to communication, cooperation and leadership. Besides, we are all leaders of our own lives and influence the lives of others.

Thus, participants in this course comprise a diverse group, which promotes new perspectives and broader reflections.

What You Get, In Brief

Performance Enhancement, Development and Well-being

You will learn how to positively influence your own and others’ performance, development, motivation and well-being.

Furthermore, you will learn how to effectively use diverse abilities and resources to achieve desired goals and outcomes. And you will learn how to better prevent and handle pressure, stress, and conflicts.

Practical Tools

You will get theoretical knowledge, practical training, and broadly applicable methods and techniques which you can use right away, in your daily life.

They include mental, linguistic, and behavioural techniques to strengthen the way you think, feel, talk, and act – with regard to yourself and others.

Psychology, Communication and Leadership Methods

The central elements of the course are performance-enhancing psychology (PEP) combined with a holistic approach to communication and modern leadership methods. Including verbal and non-verbal language, coaching, and mental training.

Who Is The Course Aimed At

Overall, the course is aimed at those of you who are interested in understanding the human aspects of good and effective communication, cooperation and leadership.

Furthermore, it is for those of you who want to develop and leverage their own and other’ abilities and personal strengths – at work and in their personal life.

Jobwise, you may meet formal and informal leaders and specialists across decision-making levels. You may also meet teachers, consultants, coaches, therapists, and others.

More specifically, the course is for those of you who want to:

  • Take their personal leadership to a higher level.
  • Achieve a stronger basis for effective communication and cooperation.
  • Become more aware of personal values and motivational drivers, and how to align with them.
  • Better understand and use their own and others’ personal strengths and behaviours.
  • Empower themselves and others to succeed, grow, and thrive at work and in life.
  • Get knowledge based on practical relevance and a theoretical framework.
  • Train well-proven and broadly applicable methods and techniques.
  • Widen their perspective and get to know and learn from new people.

Your Learning Outcome

The course will give you:

  • Inspiration, knowledge, training, and specific tools which you can use right away.
  • Insight into the way you think – and how you can control your thoughts and feelings so they don’t control you.
  • Better understanding of other people so that you can meet them on their terms.
  • Theories and models of human development, communication and leadership.
  • Verbal and nonverbal tools for effective communication and motivation.
  • Methods and techniques for coaching and mental training towards desired goals and outcomes.
  • Understanding of mechanisms for preventing and handling stress, pressure and conflicts.
  • Structured overview and insight into your own and others’ behavioural styles and motivational drivers.

You will get your own personal behavioural style assessment (Puzzle DISC) and motivational assessment (Driving Forces) – including a detailed assessment report. It is a further development of the acknowledged and well-documented DISC model.

Furthermore, you will receive a reference work containing all the theories, methods, techniques, and exercises from the course.

Content and Structure

The course is structured in 4 modules of 3 days each.

Each module is structured to include open conversations and practical excercises to stimulate reflections and extend learning. There may be minor home work assignments.

There will be no more than 15 participants to ensure optimal outcome for everyone – based on active involvement, stimulating debates, and time for individual feedback.

There will be a mandatory final examination which comprises an individual home assignment and a group presentation.

Theories, methods and techniques are based on performance-enhancing psychology (PEP), holistic communication and modern leadership principles. Including coaching, mental training, and verbal and nonverbal communication.

Read more about the main topics below.

Topic 1: Human understanding and personality types

You will learn to understand and reflect on different personality types and behaviours. Subtopics include:

  1. Structured overview and insight into how humans think, act and are motivated.
  2. Clarifying your personal strengths and potential development areas.
  3. Adapting your communication to different personality types and situations.
  4. Leading yourself and others based on effective motivation.
  5. How to make better use of personal strengths in teams and working relationships.

Topic 2:Setting and achieving desired goals and outcomes

We will take a deep dive into how humans think and behave, why we take action, and how to maintain goal oriented behaviour.

In the last module you will reflect on your goals and plans for the future based on what you have learned from the course.

Subtopics include:

  1. How your attitudes (predisposed states of mind) guide your behaviour and influence your thoughts and actions.
  2. Using future orientation to strengthen your thoughts and actions, and facilitate progress.
  3. Setting motivational, ambitious, and achievable goals for yourself and others.
  4. Strengthening your mental focus to achieve desired goals and outcomes.
  5. Using verbal and nonverbal communication to enhance motivation, performance, and well-being.

Topic 3: Leading and managing people and organisational change

You will learn about a holistic perspective on human behaviour and various models of leadership. Also, you will learn about effective leadership and organizational change management which take into account both employee and business needs. Subtopics include:

  1. A holistic psychological model of human and organisational behaviour.
  2. An overall view of various leadership models and styles.
  3. Adapting the way you lead and communicate to different situations and people.
  4. The psychology of organizational change: Taking account of employees’ needs and preferences.
  5. Turning plans and strategies into effective action for organisational change.

Topic 4: Your personal leadership and high performance mindset

We will focus on your personal leadership which is about taking the lead in your own life. When you are able to understand yourself and take responsibility for your own life decisions, you are better able to inspire and motivate others, too. Subtopics include:

  1. Why and how everybody perceives and interprets the world differently – and create different realities.
  2. Understanding yourself better through self-awareness and self-insight.
  3. Using self-awareness to control your mind and make it work for you.
  4. Using both verbal and nonverbal tools to improve your communication.
  5. How to meet and communicate with others eye to eye – to better understand and connect with them.

Topic 5: Coaching for high performance

We will work on coaching as a leadership style and a method to learning, development, and performance enhancement. You will learn various coaching methods and techniques.

Subtopics include:

  1. Various coaching models and methods.
  2. Verbal techniques including questioning techniques and language awareness.
  3. Nonverbal techniques to support learning, development, and performance.
  4. Personal effectiveness including priority management and time perception.
  5. Improving your ability to perceive and interpret what others think and feel (empathy).
  6. Seeing things from others’ perspective to better understand them and build connections.

Topic 6: Mental training for high performance

We will work on why and how mental training can help you to use your thoughts to your advantage. You will learn various mental training techniques that can help you enhance your performance, deal with stress and pressure, and stay motivated to achieve goals and desired outcomes.

Subtopics include:

  1. How impressions transform into thoughts and emotions – that become your reality.
  2. How your verbal language and body language influence how you think and feel.  
  3. Using verbal and nonverbal tools to boost your state of mind and mental strength.
  4. Overcoming performance-inhibiting thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  5. Improving or changing your mental focus to achieve desired outcomes.
  6. Techniques for idea generation, problem solving, and goal achievement.
  7. Techniques for dealing with present, future and past challenges.

Your Trainer

Klaus Veile is the CEO and founder of Sapiens Performance.

With a focus on practical relevance and a straightforward approach, and contagious enthusiasm, Klaus develops and conducts effective training and development programs for managers, employees, teams, and elite athletes.

He is well-known for his ability to inspire and engage people at every level and for his expertise in high performance mindset and training.

With a background in psychology, neuro-linguistics, business and elite sports and an MA Sports Psych, and MBA to his name, Klaus has vast knowledge and broad experience in this area. He is also a certified provider and trainer in a range of internationally recognized HR assesment and leadership tools.


Open course: 12 days

Max 9 participants

Price: 34.500 DKK ex. VAT

Certified course

Gives access to next level of study (High Performance Master)

Can be adapted to your team’s needs (closed course)


New dates to be decided

The first day of each module: 9.30-16.30.
Remaining days: 9.00-16.00


 +45 70 200 669


Trainer, Klaus Veile

 +45 60 17 59 37



The course will be held in scenic and quiet rural surroundings outside of Copenhagen.

By train it takes 35 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station to the local station (Viby Sjælland).

We can organize your transport to/from the local train station. It only takes 5 minutes by car.