Turning Potential into Performance and Thrive

We help individuals and teams to unlock their diverse abilities and potentials, overcome challenges, and fulfil their goals and ambitions.


Sapiens Performance is a consulting, training, and coaching company specialising in high performance mindset, communication, leadership and teamwork.

With backgrounds in psychology, business, international organisations, and elite sports, we have extensive expertise in this area.

Our point of departure is that high performance and well-being go hand in hand. Also, each of us has unique abilities and untapped potential to unlock and contribute, throughout life.

Accordingly, positive acknowledgement and effective use of human differences and diversity is a focus of our attention.

Our Services

Consulting, education, coaching, mental training and HR-assessments

What We Do

We offer consulting services, education, coaching and mental training programs, and HR assessments and tools for employees, managers, teams and organisations.

We provide open courses and trainings as well as closed development programs adapted to your team and company needs. HR-assessments are available in multiple languages.

Our approach combines psychology with holistic communication and modern leadership methods.

The four key elements of our services are: Our high performance mindset, performance-enhancing psychology (PEP), mental training and a holistic approach to communication.

What You Get

We will help you to improve and develop the way you communicate, cooperate, and lead yourself and others. Based on human understanding and personal insight.

You will enhance your ability to positively impact your own and other people’s performance, development, and well-being.

You will obtain broadly applicable knowledge and practical tools you can use right away in your everyday life.

They include mental, linguistic, and behavioral techniques to strengthen how you think, feel, talk, and act.

Key Elements

Our approaches to high performance leadership and teamwork


The potential and capacity to perform on a high level on a continuous basis, and in the long run, depends largely on good health and well-being.

This balance is at the heart of our approach to developing and sustaining high performing individuals, teams, and organisations.

Also, life is a work in progress, and it is never too late to change the way you think, feel, and act.

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Performance-enhancing psychology (PEP) is essential to our work on improving individual and collective performance and well-being – and ensuring positive personal, team, and organisational development.

It all depends on how we humans think and feel. About ourselves and other people, our circumstances, and our past experiences.

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Practice makes excellence – and delivers success!

In this way, mental training and mental techniques can help to improve performance and well-being, and make personal change happen.

Also, mental training can help to reduce, prevent and cope better with stress and pressure – as well as enhance and sustain the benefits of physical training.

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Good, effective communication is an essential tool for enhancing individual and collective performance and well-being.

It also provides the basis for positive cooperation and strong, lasting relationships.

We work to improve your entire communication – with others and yourself, and with verbal and non-verbal techniques.

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Signature training courses. Taught In English


2-day course

How to enhance your performance and well-being, and handle stress and pressure. Based on human understanding and personal insight.

You will get inspiration and advice, practical methods and techniques which you can use right away.

The course is based on the psychology of performance, well-being, and positive human development – combined with holistic

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12-day course (4 x 3 days)

Strengthen the way you communicate, cooperate, and lead yourself and others – through performance-enhancing psychology

You will get theoretical and practical knowledge, training, and widely applicable tools which you can use right away, in your everyday life. They include mental, linguistic, and behavioral techniques to strengthen how you think, feel, talk and act.

The course is based on performance-enhancing psychology (PEP) combined with holistic communication and modern leadership methods. Including verbal and non-verbal language, coaching, and mental training.

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Head Trainer and CEO

What Our Customers Say

Klaus Veile

Klaus Veile teaches the above courses. He is also the CEO and founder of Sapiens Performance.

With a focus on practical relevance and a straightforward approach, and contagious enthusiasm, Klaus develops and conducts effective training and development programs for managers, employees, teams, and elite athletes.

He is well-known for his ability to inspire and engage people at every level and for his long-standing expertise in high performance mindset and training.

With a background in psychology, neurolinguistics, business and elite sports, and an MA Sports Psych and MBA to his name, Klaus has vast knowledge and broad experience in this area. He is also a certified provider and trainer in a range of internationally recognized HR assesment and leadership tools.

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Henrik Brandt

“The High Performance Practitioner course has been very satisfactory, and I have benefited greatly from my new competencies and skills in my role as a leader. I have gained a better understanding of individual differences and a range of tools to improve my creativity, performance and effectiveness.”

Henrik BrandtProduct Director, 3Shape
Joanna Tôtterman,

“Klaus Veile has shown an extraordinary talent in engaging the groups, working with them to give insight in different areas of leadership. His knowledge both in psychology and business as well as leadership, combined with his fascinating experience and smoothness in presenting, has been a great success among the attendees. He makes the presentations interesting and full of fact based information and still remaining the learning situation light and allowing personal reflections to support the learning.”

Joanna Tôtterman, Program Director, Leadership & Business Development Program FRAM, Finland